How to make your colour last longer

by Sep 23, 2021Latest News

“I love my colour, how do I make it last?”

It;s one of the questions we get asked the most… It’s a very good question! 

You walk out of our salon looking and feeling amazing so you want to keep that feeling going. There are a few factors here so let’s break it down…

Your colour is perfection and then, bam it’s brassy, yellow, dry, what happened?!

 The very best way to keep your colour that perfect tone is for your hair to be healthy. Simple really isn’t it? The better condition your hair is in the more it will be able to hang onto your desired tone. Think about it, have you ever seen someone with really damaged hair and thought wow their colour looks great?  No. 

So here is a list of what is ruining your hue…

Washing your hair.

Wash your hair less! 

At the most 2-3 times a week with a prescribed shampoo that is sulphate free and best suited for your hair type.  Over-washing is the number one cause of your colour fading!

When your stylist asks you what you’re using at home we are trying to figure out 2 very important things.

Is there going to be any kind of build-up from silicones, metals or harsh chemicals on your hair that could lead to a disastrous chemical reaction and leave us unable to safely colour your hair? 

Do you need a product that is better suited for your hair? 

In an ideal world, our clients are of course using products we know, recommended and can trust. 

Will buying the shampoo and conditioner we recommend make us rich? No. It will however though, magically make your colour last longer because you are using professional products suited to you. Your hair will be healthier, stronger and used correctly actually last way longer than the supermarket stuff you fly through!

My top picks for blondes are,




And for brunettes,



Heat Styling.

That’s right your morning routine of quickly running over your hair with straightening irons or even just a dryer and brush without heat protection is literally stripping the colour out of your hair.  

Any heated styling using a hairdryer, irons, tongs etc without the proper heat protection pulls the moisture from your hair, do this too often and it really does have a significant effect on the health of your hair and its ability to hold on to your colour. If this sounds like your morning routine try using HEATED.DEFENCE before you style.

Not doing regular treatments.

If you colour, heat style or even just have really long hair you need to be treating it regularly. I recommend a daily treatment you can use on dry hair to refresh your style every morning, YOUNG.AGAIN treatment oil is my go-to for this. Non-greasy, it makes your hair smooth and tames fly away. 

For a weekly treatment to deeply nourish your hair I can’t go past HYDRATE.ME MASQUE. I will leave this masque in overnight and rinse it out the following morning, your hair will feel so soft and moisturized.

If this sounds too complicated then K18 is for you, simply use in place of your conditioner and leave it in. This game-changing product is the “new OLAPLEX”