We are very proud to have been recognised as a GREEN SALON by the AUSTRALIAN HAIRDRESSING COUNCIL

Minimizing our salon’s impact on the environment is a very strong part of our core values and we are proud to use and support SUSTAINABLE SALONS unique waste management system that enables us to be as green as possible. SUSTAINABLE SALONS not only helps us achieve our dream of being a green salon but also benefits the wider community in a variety of positive ways.

Your hair clippings that are swept away are actually collected and used in the production of Hair Booms. (Imagine a giant floating stocking packed with hair that soaks up 4x its weight in oil, and can be used again!) They soak up oil from spills in our oceans rather than using more chemicals to clean it up.

All the foil that we use is actually sold and all money raised goes directly to Oz Harvest who use the funds to help feed the less fortunate.

To reduce our water usage, we have installed Ecohead shower heads at the basins which has significantly reduced water wastage and enabled us to filter the water at the same time. In order to keep the salon’s energy footprint as small as possible we installed energy saving light globes in our light installation and throughout the salon.

We feel passionate about recycling as much of the waste the salon produces as possible and to that end all the plants in the salon are fed from the in-house composting system we have installed to utilise the salon’s organic waste.

When our lovely clients come to us wanting to go shorter we get the measuring tape out! 15cm is all we need to be able to give that ponytail to Variety and it can even be coloured! Variety use these ponytails to make wigs for sick children.
As you can see a strong commitment to the environment is a principle that runs throughout the salon. Our connection with Kevin Murphy aligns our salon’s views with the brand’s passion for the very highest natural quality products. Kevin Murphy products contain no parabens or sulphates, use sustainable farming practices and are PETA approved.

It is also important to us that the integrity of the hair is maintained at all time and so ensure that we source an ammonia free permanent colour range.